Starring Duo shared their feelings about the series ‘Bir Derdim Var’

 Starring Duo shared their feelings about the series ‘Bir Derdim Var’

Kanal D’s new series Bir Derdim Var, signed by AyNA Yapım, is getting ready to appear before the audience very soon. The actress and actors of the movie, Birce Akalay and Mert Fırat, will return to the screen with Bir Derdim Var after a long break. Successful actors shared their feelings about the new series and their characters.

Birce Akalay, who appeared in front of the camera with the character of Dr. Nilüfer after four years, said the following about the new series and her character: “Coming back to television after 4 years seemed a little scary at first, but the moment I read the script, I changed my mind. This story touched me a lot and I was very excited. When I finished the script for episode 1, I couldn’t stay in my seat out of excitement, I walked in the living room of the house all night and the voice inside me said ‘This is it’. Dr. Nilüfer is a different woman who helps, rehabilitates and treats our traumatized young people… We will try to bring the stories of our young people to the screen in the child-adolescent psychiatry service.”

Mert Fırat, who will portray the character of Prosecutor Ömer, shared his reason for accepting Bir Derdim Var and his thoughts about the series as follows: “We can say that Bir Derdim Var series really has a problem. Actually, every series has a problem and a conflict. But unfortunately, there are very few that touch such a social issue. We live in a world order where adolescent psychology causes disorders all over the world. A lot of things come on young people from social media and environmental influences. Right now, special clinics for young people have started to be opened all over the world. Because there are so many stimuli in the new world order. There are very serious damages caused by change on young people and even on parents. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense in this period to make a work that deals with these issues. The series also has a very strong dramatic infrastructure. It makes us very happy to watch and play such stories. In this sense, I am very pleased to be a part of this project.”

Stating that they received very good feedback after the released promotions, Birce Akalay expressed her feelings as follows: “We received great reactions as soon as our first trailer was released, and we are still receiving them. We see that the audience’s expectations are high. Normally, when expectations are high, people get a little scared, but I see no harm in keeping expectations high for this project, because we have a very good cast and story. I think our director Burak Müjdeci works wonders. Our young actors are also very talented, enthusiastic and they care about the project very much. Meanwhile, our behind the scenes teams and screenwriters have been working for months to bring this project into existence. Mor ve Ötesi, perhaps for the first time in its history, not only shared the song that gives the project its name, but also undertook the music supervision of our project. Therefore, there is a very serious effort. Not only the audience’s expectations but also our expectations from ourselves are high.”

A large cast of young actors and actresses

Sharing the happiness of working with such a team in Bir Derdim Var, which has a large cast of young actors, Mert Fırat expressed his views on this subject as follows “It is very exciting for young people at this age to play roles that are full of responsibility. It is a great chance for us to embark on this journey with young, equipped and enthusiastic actors and to be in the same team. It is also very enjoyable to be on set with Birce.”

Starring Birce Akalay and Mert Fırat, the series is an adaptation of the Italian production ‘Oltre La Soglia’ (On The Brink) and the duo is accompanied by Engin Hepileri, Neslihan Arslan, Başak Gümülcinelioğlu, Erdem Şenocak, İdil Sivritepe, Sami Aksu, Sennur Nogaylar and Muhammet Uzuner, while young actors Eylül Ersöz, Ata Artman, Ava Yaman, Esila Umut, Ataberk Mutlu, Ezgi Gör and Efe Poylu are also in the cast.

The music of Bir Derdim Var, which will focus on the sensitive world of young people in adolescence, will be composed by Aytekin Ataş, while Mor ve Ötesi will be the music supervisor of a project for the first time. Burak Müjdeci is the director of the series, whose adaptation design was created by Duygu Ertekin. The screenplay of the series written by Yekta Torun, also includes Deniz Gürlek.


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