The Launch of ‘Safir’ Received a Tremendously Positive Response

 The Launch of ‘Safir’ Received a Tremendously Positive Response

MIPCOM 2023 was an important event for Turkish companies operating in the TV series industry. Episode International asked the company officials who participated in MIPCOM about their experiences at the fair, the latest situation about the content they introduced at the fair, and the deals they made there that are significant for them. In this content, we share Head of Sales from ATV Distribution, Müge Akar’s answers to our questions.

How was Mipcom 2023 for you?

We had a highly enjoyable and productive experience at this year’s MIPCOM, and we are extremely delighted with the market outcomes. The launch of Safir during MIPCOM received a tremendously positive response from our clients. We are on the brink of announcing several new deals, both for Safir and our ongoing series. Our main goal is to continue expanding, reaching more screens, and fostering connections with a broader audience through our participation in events like MIPCOM.

Poster of Safir

Which content have you sold the rights to the most? Or which content have you made the most deals for?

The brand new series of ATV’s Safir was the one that received the most attention during MIPCOM, and the responses to the drama series were quite satisfying to us. Many of our ongoing programs, like Street BirdsAteş Kuşları, The OttomanKuruluş Osman, For My FamilyKardeşlerim, and The FatherBen Bu Cihana Sığmazam, have received positive feedback for their next seasons.

Did you make sales/agreements with any countries or organizations for the first time this year?

Negotiations are still continuing and we are working to reach more fresh territories. This year, we are starting to work with Italy, India and Vietnam.  Other business negotiations are currently ongoing with a number of other countries as well. With the upcoming markets, one of our goals is to expand our territory of influence into further countries while creating relationships with fresh clients.

Did you make any co-production or adaptation deals at MIPCOM?

At this year’s MIPCOM, we have many format deals concluded. For My Family – Kardeşlerim, A Little SunshineBir Küçük Günışığı and Foster Mother Ağlama Anne has just been licensed to Mexico for the re-make rights and Lifeline will also be adapted in Spain.

We have been involved in a large number of meetings with various businesses that have shown interest in the format rights. We are hoping that within a short period of time, we will be able to announce news on format agreements.

Which fairs are on your agenda for the coming months?

We have a very busy market schedule in front of us, especially this November we will be attending 3 different markets including MIPCancun in Mexico and DICM in Dubai. We will be closing the year by attending ATF Singapore and the new year will begin with Content Americas in Miami.

What are your goals for ATF Singapore?

Yes, ATV is set to participate in ATF Singapore this year too, as we witness robust growth in the dynamic Asian market. Our vast content library is thriving in the Asian region, and our commitment to expanding in this competitive industry and forging stronger partnerships with customers remains steadfast. Currently, we have successful collaborations with numerous prominent channels in Asian territories, and as ATV Distribution our goal is to expand into additional countries in the coming years.


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