A Father’s Promise’s Players Talk About Turkey’s Stormy Years and Its Characters

 A Father’s Promise’s Players Talk About Turkey’s Stormy Years and Its Characters

Kanal D’s series A Father’s Promise (Dilek Taşı), which airs on Wednesdays, brings Turkey’s stormy years of the 1980s to the screen. The cast of the series shares their thoughts on the characters they portrayed. Speaking to Hakan Gence from Hürriyet weekend supplements, Özge Özberk said the following about the character of Rüçhan and A Father’s Promise:

Rüçhan character portrayed by Özge Özberk

“Rüçhan is one of the most enjoyable roles I have played. She is a relaxed character who is trapped in despair, who drinks and goes crazy. Even though a storm rages inside her, she says ‘I’ll handle this’, but she can’t handle anything because she has a very dominant mother-in-law in his head. That tightness, that self-consciousness, that comfort was incredibly enjoyable and it contributed a lot to me. That’s why I always say about Rüçhan, ‘My dear, I hope you get out of that house safely’. When A Father’s Promise came to me, the first thing that impressed me was that it was set in the 80’s period, there was reunion, there was being parents. Also, everyone I looked at was right.”

The trailer of next episode


Ozan Dolunay, who commented on the torture scenes he portrayed in the past weeks, also shared his comments on the subject. Dolunay, who played the character of Kenan, described the scene shootings that lasted about 5 hours with the following words:

Scenes in which Kenan is tortured

“Before the scenes, I tried to understand the effects of torture and electric current on the body and I watched a few similar scenes and videos of people being electrocuted. I felt very helpless and stressed while filming the torture scenes. I realized that torture is meant to create a spiritual break rather than physical pain.”

Produced by Pastel Film and produced by Yaşar İrvül and Efe İrvül, the series stars Salih Bademci, Hazal Subaşı and Ozan Dolunay. The cast includes Elif Doğan, Perihan Savaş, Özge Özberk, Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı, Çiçek Dilligil, Engin Yüksel, Afra Karagöz, Lena Naz Kalaycı and Ömer Toprak Yılmaz.

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