Atresmedia Owns the Rights to ‘Hunting Season’ and ‘Mommy Knows Best’

 Atresmedia Owns the Rights to ‘Hunting Season’ and ‘Mommy Knows Best’

Spain’s Atresmedia has acquired the rights to adapt international formats Hunting Season and Mommy Knows Best for its youth platform Flooxer. Talpa Studios’ heart-racing adventure game show Hunting Season has found its fifth major broadcast commission outside the Netherlands.

Hunting Season is based on the most successful and most awarded YouTube series in the Netherlands. A primetime weekly version of the quiz show is set to air on Atresmedia’s online platform Flooxer in 2024.

The Dutch viewers will be treated to yet another season: SBS6 has confirmed the recommission of the show for a fourth season (Amazon Prime has a next day second window).

The first season scored an average market share of 20% in the key demo, the second season even better: 30% in the key demo 20-49 which is three times the slot average.

What Kind of Show is ‘Hunting Season’?

In each episode, a duo of celebrities must flee from a team of three prison guards. These guards have one goal: to catch the fugitives within four hours. The fugitives get a 20-minute head start and have to wear a transmitter that sends a GPS coordinate to the hunters, every 10 minutes. They have been given the opportunity to arrange an escape vehicle from prison and one means of transportation for the road. While the hunting team is provided with various tools to track the fugitives from their spy-van, the fugitives have nothing: No phone and no cash. On top of that, blending in is not so easy in a beautiful bright-orange prisoner jumpsuit… The hunted fugitives may not remain in the same vehicle for more than 20 minutes at a time and can only enter public buildings, such as a train station or parking garage. The fugitives win the game if they manage to stay out of the Hunters’ reach for exactly four hours. However, if the guards catch them before the time is up… it’s game over.

And ‘Mommy Knows Best

Mommy Knows Best is a dating show created and distributed by Amsterdam-based Lineup Industries.

The format, which also began as a YouTube series before graduating to VTR in Belgium, features young people who have had no luck in love and keep making bad decisions.

Accompanied by their mothers, the singletons meet the mums of three potential partners, after which the participant’s mother chooses the best candidate.

Flooxer is Atresmedia’s youth brand and its content can be accessed through the group’s streaming platform, Atresplayer.


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